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Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont, CrossHaven Farm has been the home for top quality Labrador Retrievers of singularly excellent dispositions and confirmation, since 1988.


We are highly selective in the dogs we breed, and consequently, do not always have puppies available.


But, when we do, they are dogs that people cherish.  Both locally and as far away as California and the beaches of St. Thomas and Bermuda, the good looks and happy countenance of CrossHaven Labs always capture attention and the deep affection of their families.


If you are serious about acquiring a wonderful new member of your family, and can give a pup all the love and attention he or she deserves, we would love to visit with you about our dogs.


Picture 400 acres of rolling Vermont fields and woods…nestled alongside a mile and a half of the scenic Mad River in Moretown, Vermont. If you’re a Labrador, here’s what it means…

• When winters come, there’s snow to tunnel in and hills to slide down like Otters. 

• In spring, the fields are fresh and green for running, and there are puddles galore to pounce in.

• Summer means the river: swimming, chasing sticks and diving for rocks. 

• And when fall comes, it’s time for crisp mornings and long walks in the glorious woods.


Imagine running like the wind, playing duck, roll and chase with your best buddies, exploring every scent and chasing every squirrel. Then, in the evening, it’s time to join the family for a group snuggle, and maybe watch a dog show. 


For over twenty-five years, puppies born at CrossHaven have shared the happiness and warmth of this old farm. They’ve been loved, made friends with their grown kennel-mates and played in the snow, grass and old barn. It’s a wonderful place to be a dog.


In 25 years of breeding, we have carefully and selectively bred our labs to produce happy, healthy, people-loving, companion labs.


We breed to compliance with AKC standards, with a dedicated preference to the stocky, heavy-coated, jollier and quieter dispositions of the “English-style” bloodlines.


First and foremost, CrossHaven Labs are bred to be handsome, polite and cherished family members. Whether on the couch, in the car, playing ball, or going on hikes CrossHaven Labs are lovable companions. But, true to their heritage, these dogs can hunt, and we have had many owners through the years who have hunted with great satisfaction with our dogs.


All CrossHaven breeding Labs have OFA hip and elbow clearances. And eye certifications. They are thoroughly examined yearly to ensure their health and suitability for breeding. 

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